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• On March 2022 the editor of IxD&A (ASLERD) became a member of Crossref and allow IxD&A to assign DOIs to the journal, to the issues, and to the published papers. The deposit of DOIs started with issue N.50 has been back-extended to all the previously published issues. Recently we started also the deposit of the reference lists to be compliant with I4OC (Initiative for OpenCitations)

• On the occasion of the integration of videos in the IxD&A website the journal took another step into the future and started to issue blockchain-anchored e-certificates for the authors and the guest editors that take part in the Meet the Authors events by introducing the corresponding issue and presenting their own papers.

• On occasion of the pubblication of issue N. 47 IxD&A journal inaugurated the video era (the third one) with the event ‘Meet the Authors’
An overview of IxD&A Journal @ Meet the Authors N. 47

• On April 2021 inaugurated the IxD&A Youtube channel -> link


2025 Open call for special issues and focus sections: is now online -> read the call
Notification with feedback to the proponents: within 30 days from the date of the proposal submission 

N. 60 – the first issue of the 20th anniversary of IxD&A – is now available for reading and downloading 

the “stimulated paper” by Melania Nitu and Mihai Dascalu on ‘Natural Language Processing Tools for Romanian – Going Beyond a Low-Resource Language.’;
and the special issue on ‘Smart Learning Ecosystems as engines of the twin transitions.
guest edited by Mihai Dascalu, Oscar Mealha, Sirje Virkus
+ regular papers
link to the Table of contents: (static & dynamic)

Next issues:

• N.61 (Summer 2024)
‘Designing for People in Human-Robot Collaboration’
Guest editors: Stine S. Johansen, Alan Burden, Eike Schneiders, Alexander N. Walzer
submission closed -> link to the call

• N. 62 (Autumn 2024)
‘STEAM teaching and learning: advances beyond the state of the art’
Guest editors: Hector Cardona-Reyes, Carlos Alberto Lara-Álvarez, Miguel Angel Ortiz Esparza, Klinge Orlando Villalba-Condori
link to the call

• N. 63 (Winter 2024)
‘Smart Learning Ecosystems beyond 2030′
Guest editors: Gabriella Dodero, Carlo Giovannella, Francesca Pozzi
link to the call

Open calls:

• N. 63/64 (Winter 2024 – Spring 2025)
‘Digital Crossroads: Enhancing Mediterranean Values through Human-Computer Interaction Research’
Guest editors: George Caridakis, Houda El Mimouni, Joel Lanir, Valentina Nisi, Giuliana Vitiello
link to the call

Preliminary communication on further scheduled issues:

• N. 64 (Spring 2025)
‘Digital Technologies for Supporting Inclusion’
Guest editors: Hasan Ferdous, Carsten Röcker, Syed Isthiaque Ahmed, Nusrat Jahan Mim
link to the call

• N. 64/65 (Spring/Summer 2025)
‘Map-based interfaces and interactions’
Guest editors: Masood Masoodian, Saturnino Luz
link to the call

• N. 64/65 (Spring/Summer 2025)
‘Digital Wellbeing for Teens: Designing Educational Systems’
Guest editors: Chiara Ceccarini, Catia Prandi, Alberto Monge Roffarello, Luigi De Russis
link to the call

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We recommend using the following citation schemes (to be adapted to the specific Journal format):
Surname1 N1., Surname2 N2., Surname3 N3.: Paper Title, Interaction Design & Architecture(s) – IxD&A Journal, N.23, 2014, pp. 15–30

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IxD&A implements the Gold Open Access (OA) road to its contents with no charge to the authors (submission & paper processing) and implements a veritable ‘place’ (in contrast to the largely diffused ‘electronic no places’) and community trying to balance the sense of belonging to a community and promotion of the individuals.

The scientific editors and all colleagues who voluntarily contribute to the editorial process are constantly striving to improve it and, at the same time, to bring it into line with international standards, as well as to consistently increase the quality of the published content and preserve the fairness, speed and rigour of the review process.
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