The Impact of Culture On Smart Community Technology: The Case of 13 Wikipedia Instances

Zinayida Petrushyna, Ralf Klamma, Matthias Jarke
pp. 35-46, download


Smart communities provide technologies for monitoring social behaviors inside communities. The technologies that support knowledge building should consider the cultural background of community members. The studies of the influence of the culture on knowledge building is limited. Just a few works consider digital traces of individuals that they explain using cultural values and beliefs. In this work, we analyze 13 Wikipedia instances where users with different cultural background build knowledge in different ways. We compare edits of users. Using social network analysis we build and analyze co-authorship networks and watch the networks evolution. We explain the differences we have found using Hofstede dimensions and Schwartz cultural values and discuss implications for the design of smart community technologies. Our findings provide insights in requirements for technologies used for smart communities in different cultures.

keywords:  Social network analysis, Wikipedia communities, Hofstede dimensions, Schwartz cultural values

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