Citizen-driven dashboards in smart ecosystems: a framework

Óscar Mealha
pp. 32 – 42, download


This position paper is concerned with the research and design of infocommunication technologies for citizen engagement and learning in smart ecosystems. The work assumes a human-centric citizen-driven smart city design approach and also proposes a R&D iterative framework model based on SOA work that goes from citizen inquiry to a front-end dashboard paradigm proposal. A research framework is discussed alongside scientific and public state of the art projects, their methods, techniques and main goals/results that inform smart ecosystem R&D agenda today. The specific contribution of this work concentrates on the proposal of affordant visual personal dashboards to represent selected open data smart ecosystem dimensions to be interpreted by the common citizen, capable of engaging the citizen and supporting in locolearning of real context of need/use situations.

Keywords: Infocommunication, Smart City, Personal Dashboard, Open Data, Learning.

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