Data Profiling in a Mobile Touristic Augmented Reality Application for Smart Environments based on Linked Open Data

Silviu Vert, Radu Vasiu
pp. 43 – 58, download


Data profiling is an important step in understanding the nature of the datasets that belong to the Web of Data. In this paper, we plan to analyze the appropriateness of exploiting this type of data in an augmented reality application to be used by tourists in smart environments. We build on top of previous work and we analyze the data used in a case study done on integrating several user-generated and governmental open datasets into a mobile augmented reality application called LOD4AR. The results show that the data found on the Web of Data is appropriate for augmented reality applications, despite its shallowness. Governmental open data, especially data that is following several guidelines specified in this paper, can complement the Web of Data and improve the overall integrated data.

Keywords: Mobile Augmented Reality, Linked Open Data, Data Profiling.

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