Guidelines for developing educational environments in the automotive industry

Razvan Bogdan
pp. 59 – 73, download


Automotive industry has become one of the leading markets which introduces cutting-edge technologies in order to meet the requirements of different clients. This paper presents an e-learning approach developed in the automotive industry in order to address the demands of teaching AUTOSAR standard. The focus of this paper is to illustrate the used methodology, results, but also faced issues and learned lessons. Developing this solution has offered insights into how to approach such a task. These results are valuable for the further expansion of the project, but also for future researchers who might encounter a challenge of developing e-learning solutions for this kind of companies. The offered guidelines are structured from the point of view of management, development and testing teams. In order to establish how suitable the proposed solution is for different categories of prospective employees, the Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ typology test was being conducted with relevant results on how the e-learning solution is perceived by future users.

Keywords: Education; e-learning; Guidelines; Automotive industry.

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