Muhammad Usman, Aman Usmani, Mojgan Jadidi
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Submitted on 16 Jun 2023 - Accepted on 31 Oct 2023

Interaction Design and Architecture(s) IxD&A Journal
Issue N. 58, Autumn 2023


Recent strides in immersive technologies, coupled with advancements in game development, are reshaping engineering education, and revolutionizing the design and deliv- ery of both in-class and lab activities. Traditional experiential practices in field surveying and mapping, which have historically relied on hands-on learning alongside theory concepts, have been supplemented by innovative pedagogical approaches, catalyzed by the disruptions caused by COVID-19. There has been a growing imperative to create virtual and immersive resources and shift towards virtual-based lab designs. In response to this evolving landscape, we present a novel approach that provides students with high-quality field training through an immersive virtual experience. We introduce an interactive web application for topographic surveying, embedded within a gamification framework, utilizing digital twins to recreate the field space. Our research offers compelling evidence that this approach effectively supports practical training, as demonstrated by real-world use cases conducted in the lab setting. Addi- tionally, we gauge the framework’s usability using the System Usability Scale (SUS), affirming its effectiveness as a tool in virtualizing field practice.

Keywords: Field Surveying, Gamification, Virtual Environment, Digital Twins, Experiential Learning, Engineering Education

CRediT author statement: Muhammad Usman: Conceptualization, Methodology, Software, Validation, Formal analysis, Investigation, Writing – original draft, Writing – review and editing, Visualization, Project administration, Funding acquisition. Aman Usmani: Software, Writing – review and editing. Mojgan Jadidi: Conceptualization, Methodology, Software, Validation, Formal analysis, Investigation, Data curation, Writing – original draft, Writing – review and editing, Visualization, Supervision, Project administration, Funding acquisition.

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Usman M., Usmani A., Jadidi M.: Re-envisioning Field Surveying as an Immersive Gamification Experience, Interaction Design & Architecture(s) – IxD&A Journal, N.58, 2023, pp. 72–89, DOI:


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