born in Palermo in 1978. Master’s degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Siena, specializing in UX design. For 15 years worked at a network for addiction rehabilitation, starting as an educator and later becoming the Head of Personnel and Communications. Currently, she is the founder of Carers, a socially-oriented startup aimed at supporting family caregivers. Carers is focused on developing a welfare digital platform that utilizes the potential of digital technologies to foster a thriving society built on strong connections.

last update: December 2022

Articles published on IXD&A:

• ‘Designing inclusion: a smart learning ecosystem for hearing parents of deaf children,’, N. 55, 2023, pp. 109 – 122, abstract, download, (, Google Scholar
"Smart Learning Ecosystems are intelligent, purpose-oriented platforms supporting innovative learning. However, for these ecosystems to be true engines of innovation they should be fully accessible. Th..."

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