Carlo Giovannella

(University of Rome Tor Vergata & ASLERD)

Graduated in Physics, he worked long time in solid state physics as an expert of complex systems. Nowadays can be considered a ‘Designer for the experience’: expert in the technology-enhanced learning, interaction design, computer-mediated communication, design and management of processes, process and product innovation. Since 2015 is the President of ASLERD (Association for Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development). Since 2013till 2016 he has been the Scientific Director of the Creative Industries Area at the Consorzio Roma Ricerche.
He is member of the Dept. of History, Cultural Heritage, Education & Society of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, where he is chair of the ISIM_garage (Interfaces and Multimodal Interactive Systems), a research lab devoted to design and development of TEL-environments, tools and methods for education, interaction design, and more. He is the designer and chair of the project LIFE, an innovative learning environment of new generation.
Heis also in the trustee of the MIFAV (Museo dell’Immagine Fotografica e delle Arti Visuali) collection of the University.

As physicist was editor of 5 books and published more than 80 papers. He published also 20 papers as expert of photography and communication. As ‘Designer for the experience’ – in the domains of Technology Enhanced Learning and Interaction Design – he acted as guest editor for 8 special journal issues or volumes and published around 100 papers.
He is regularly in the scientific committee of many international conferences devoted to TEL, IxD and HCI. He has been scientific and artistic chair of 6 editions of ‘Interfacce’ and chair/co-chair of several conferences and workshops.

He has been editor of the Journal F&D till 2000, vice-editor of the magazine JeLKS till 2006, managing Editor of IJDLDC till 2016. Currently he is the scientific editor of the journal IxD&A.

Last update: September 2019