Carlos Delgado Kloos

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

is Telecommunications Engineer at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and obtained his Doctorate in Information Technology from the Technical University of  Múnich. Since 1996, he has been Chair of Telematic Engineering at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid In addition, he is currently Vice Chancellor of Infrastructures and Environment.His current research focuses on educational technology. He has led over 20 research projects both European  (Esprit, IST, @LIS, eContentPlus),  and national and bilateral (Spain-Germany and Spain -France). These include his work as coordinator of the E-LANE project on e-learning, funded by the European Union, and he has also been a member of the Board of Managment of the LRN Consortium  ,  an open code educational platform. He has published over 200 scientific articles in conferences and national and international journals.  He has also published one book and jointly edited a further five works.He has held numerous national and international posts.  In terms of e-learning, he is the  Spanish representative on the TC3 committee on IFIP education. He has been a member of programme committees at over 100 conferences which include the Vice Presidency of the Programme committee of the World IFIP Information Technology Congress  in the a-o 1992, and the presidency of the Programme Committee of DATE 2002 ,  Telecom I+D 2003, EduTech2004 and EUNICE2005. He has also acted as a reviewer for various journals and research programmes  (at national, European and  international level).

Last update: September 2016