Jean-Bernard Martens

Technische Universitait Eindhoven

studied at the State University of Gent, Belgium, where he received the Electrical Engineering degree in 1979. In 1983 he obtained his Ph.D. degree on a thesis entitled Algorithms for the calculation of discrete convolutions and Fourier transformations. He received an IEEE Paper Award for his paper entitled “Discrete Fourier transform algorithms for real valued sequences” in 1984. In that year, he also joined the Institute of Perception Research at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he became an Associate Professor in the field of visual psychophysics in 1991. He was an advisor for a number of Ph.D. projects on image quality, psychometrics, and image processing and coding. He (co-) authored several papers on these subjects and received the 1997 EURASIP Best Paper Award for a paper entitled “Image representation and compression with steered Hermite transforms” (authors: A. M. van Dijk and J. B. Martens). He also published the book Image Technology Design—A Perceptual Approach (Kluwer Academic Publishers) in 2003. He joined the Department of Industrial Design in 2003, where he is a full-time Professor in the field of visual interaction. His current research focuses on developing and testing new augmented-reality interaction styles in which working with images is an important component.

last update: march 2013