STEAM teaching and learning: advances beyond the state of the art

Guest Editors

  • Hector Cardona-Reyes, Center for Research in Mathematics, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Carlos Alberto Lara-Álvarez, Center for Research in Mathematics, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Miguel Angel Ortiz Esparza, Center for Research in Mathematics, Zacatecas, Mexico
  • Klinge Orlando Villalba-Condori, Universidad Católica de Santa María, Perù

Important dates

  • Deadline: March 31st, 2024 -> April 30th 2024 (extended hard deadline)
  • Notification to the authors: June 30th, 2024
  • Camera ready paper: July 20th, 2024
  • Publication of the special issue: September 2024 (tentatively)


Science and technology are increasingly intertwined with our societal fabric. This transformation profoundly affects the education of new generations, who require access to cutting-edge knowledge in the STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) [1,2].
The STEAM framework is gaining global adoption, all over the world instructional designers, technologists and scientists are conducting research on the implementation of STEAM education. Its application is diverse and spans all levels of education [3].
In this context, technology plays a pivotal role. Therefore, it is imperative to develop strategies and mechanisms through which researchers, experts from various knowledge domains, and educators can facilitate participatory, interactive, sensory, and experimental activities based on STEAM in which students can actively engage.
With this purpose in mind, our proposal seeks to extend a warm invitation to researchers and professionals worldwide who are engaged in scientific and technological advancements. We highly value the potential for development that can be harnessed in classrooms across various educational levels.
Additionally, we provide a scientific and academic platform aimed at disseminating best practices in STEAM education. Our forum emphasizes outstanding teaching practices in MATHEMATICS, AI, ROBOTICS, HCI, and SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT that align with the global context of STEAM and leverage technology to enhance learning across diverse educational levels and contexts.


Shatunova, O., Anisimova, T., Sabirova, F., & Kalimullina, O. (2019). STEAM as an innovative educational technology. Journal of Social Studies Education Research, 10(2), 131-144.
Ge, X., Ifenthaler, D., & Spector, J. M. (Eds.). (2015). Emerging technologies for STEAM education: Full STEAM ahead. Springer.
Psycharis, S. (2018). STEAM in education: A literature review on the role of computational thinking, engineering epistemology and computational science. computational steam pedagogy (CSP). Scientific Culture, 4(2), 51-72.

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest for this special issue  include, but are not limited to:

  • Technology in STEAM Education.
  • Virtual Pedagogical Practices in STEAM.
  • Technological Environments for Teaching Science.
  • Teaching Math, Robotics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Stats with ICT.
  • Digital Science Teacher Training.
  • Collaborative Science Learning with Technology.
  • Computational Thinking in Education.
  • Educational Robotics.
  • Educational Gamification.
  • AI and Machine Learning in Science Education.

Submission procedure 

All submissions must be original and may not be under review by another publication.
The manuscripts should be submitted anonymized either in .doc or in .pdf format.
All papers will be blindly peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers. Prospective participants are invited to submit an 8-30-page paper (including authors’ information, abstract, all tables, figures, references, etc.).
The paper should be written according to the IxD&A authors’ guidelines.
Submission page -> link
(when submitting the paper please choose the section: ‘SI: STEAM teaching and learning: advances beyond the state of the art’)

For scientific advice and for any query please contact the guest editors:

• hector [dot] cardona [at] cimat [dot] mx
• carlos [dot] lara [at] cimat [dot] mx
• miguel [dot] ortiz [at] cimat [dot] mx
• kvillalba [at] ucsm [dot] edu [dot] pe

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