Table of Contents N.11&12

Summer-Autumn 2011

Special issue on:
Evaluating Educative Experiences of Flexible and Personal Learning Environments


Carlo Giovannella, Simone Carcone, Andrea Camusi
‘What and how to monitor complex educative experiences. Toward the definition of a general framework’, pp. 7-23,  abstract, download

Marianna Obrist, Florian Förster, Daniela Wurhofer, Manfred Tscheligi, Jörg Hofstätter
‘Evaluating First Experiences with an Educational Computer Game: A multi-Method Approach’, pp. 26-36,  abstract, download

Nikolaos Marianos, Madalina Ungur, Nikos Manouselis
‘Evaluating a Personal Learning Environment for Digital Storytelling’, pp. 37-50, abstract, download

Maria-Jesus Rodriguez-Triana, Alejandra Martinez-Mones, Juan-Ignacio Asensio-Perez
‘Monitoring Collaboration in Flexible and Personal Learning Environments’, pp. 51-63, abstract, download

Francesco Di Cerbo, Gabriella Dodero, Laura Papaleo
‘Experiencing Personal Learning Environments and Networks using a 3D Space Metaphor’, pp. 64-76, abstract, download

Ines Giunta
‘Heuristic Environments’, pp. 77-82, abstract, download

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