Table of Contents N.18

Autumn 2013

Special issue on:
Culture of Participation in the Digital Age Empowering – End Users to Improve their Quality of Life

Jessica Schoffelen & Liesbeth Huybrechts
Sharing is caring. Sharing and documenting complex participatory projects to enable generative participation, pp. 9 – 22, abstract, download

Stefano Valtolina, Barbara Rita Barricelli, Michele Sciarabba
CulturalWiki: A Semantic Map-Based Wiki for Interdisciplinary Collaboration, pp. 23 – 39, abstract, download

Massimo Deriu, Selene Uras, Gian Maria Simbula, Daniele Ardu, Gavino Paddeu
Playing by the rules: co-designing interactive installations with pupils, pp. 40 – 53, abstract, download

Alessio Malizia, David Díez, Paloma Díaz, Ignacio Aedo, Luca Lupo
A Mixed Interaction Platform for Supporting Large-Scale Crisis Storytelling, pp. 54 – 67, abstract, download

Jean-Pierre Cahier, Aurélien Bénel, Pascal Salembier
Towards a “non-disposable” software infrastructure for participation., pp. 68 – 83, abstract, download

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