Table of Contents N.1&2

Autumn-Winter 2006

Carlo Giovannella
‘IxD:What are we to do in order not to fail?’, pp. 2-15, download

IxD&A Methodologies
Jörn Messeter
‘IxD at the School of Art & Communication – Malmö’, pp. 16-35, download

Firms in IxD&A
Ashley Benigno
‘Confessions of an usability heretic’, pp. 36-43, download

IxD&A professions
Matteo Penzo
‘An interview with Dirk Knemeyer’, pp. 44-51, download

Augmented senses
Stefano Panzieri
‘Automatic Systems for sensor fusion’, pp. 52-59, download

James Brucato, Pietro Desiato, download  (only italian)

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