Table of Contents N.41

Summer 2019


Special issue on:
Indigenous Knowledge and Practices contributing to new approaches in learning/educational technologies

by Kasper Rodil, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Tutaleni I. Asino, Tariq Zaman
pp. 5 – 6, download

John Traxler
Only Connect – Indigenous Digital Learning, pp. 7 – 23,  abstract, download

Rachael Ka’ai-Mahuta
Preserving Indigenous voices: Web archiving in Aotearoa/New Zealand, pp.  24 – 30, abstract, download

Danilo Giglitto, Shaimaa Lazem, Anne Preston
A Participatory Approach for Digital Documentation of Egyptian Bedouins’ Intangible Cultural Heritage, pp. 31 – 49, abstract, download

Rhuan Guilherme T. Ribeiro, Márcia Regina Kaminski, Marcos Lübeck, Clodis Boscarioli
Pedagogical Usage of Digital Technologies in an Indigenous Village in Brazil: Reflections and Challenges, pp. 50 – 61, abstract, download

Sdenka Zobeida Salas-Pilco
Introducing technology into learning designs for indigenous contexts, pp. 62 – 77,  abstract, download

Fitri Suraya Mohamad, Luca Morini,  Jacey-Lynn Minoi, Sylvester Arnab
Game-based learning to teach Higher Order thinking in Rural Schools – Case studies in Sarawak Borneo, pp. 78 – 86, abstract, download

Regular papers

Selina Schepers, Jessica Schoffelen, Bieke Zaman, Katrien Dreessen
Children’s roles in Participatory Design processes: making the role of process designer ‘work’, pp. 87 – 108, abstract, download

Harchay Berguiga Ahlem, Abdelwahed Berguiga, Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi, Rafik Braham
Student Perception of Mobile Self-assessment: an Evaluation of the Technology Acceptance Model, pp. 109 – 124, abstract, download

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