Table of Contents N.43

Winter 2019-2020


Special issue on:
Smart Learning Ecosystems – Design as cornerstone of smart educational processes and places

by Carlo Giovannella and Stefania Manca
pp. 5 – 7, download

Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Ingrid Mulder, Nicola Morelli, Janice Pedersen
Hacking the hackathon format to empower citizens in outsmarting “smart” cities, pp. 8 – 29,  abstract, download

Lars Schlenker, Carmen Neuburg
Third Teacher goes Raumwerkstatt – participatory planning processes to redesign physical learning spaces, pp.  30 – 41, abstract, download

Alessandro Luigini, Monica Parricchi, Alessandro Basso, Demis Basso
Immersive and participatory serious games for heritage education, applied to the cultural heritage of South Tyrol, pp. 42 – 67, abstract, download

Margarida M. Marques, Lúcia Pombo
Teacher readiness to adopt game-based mobile learning with augmented reality, pp. 68 – 85,  abstract, download

Diana Saplacan, Jo Herstad, Zada Pajalic 
Use of Multiple Digital Learning Environments: A study About Fragmented Information Awareness, pp. 86 – 109, abstract, download

Nicolae Nistor, Mihai Dascalu, Stefan Trausan-Matu
Joining Informal Learning in Online Knowledge Communities and Formal Learning in Higher Education: Instructional Design and Evaluation of a Blended-Learning Seminar with Learning Analytics Support, pp. 110 – 127, abstract, download

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