Table of Contents N.49

Summer 2021


Special issue on:
Collaborative multimedia applications in technology

César A. Collazos, Freddy Paz, Habib Fardoun
p. 5 – 7, download

Carlos Alberto Peláez Ayala, Andrés Solano, Toni Granollers
Proposal to Conceive Multimedia Systems from a Value Creation Perspective and a Collaborative Work Routes Approach, pp. 8 – 28,  abstract, download

Oscar Revelo Sánchez, César Collazos Ordóñez, Miguel Redondo Duque
Group formation in collaborative learning contexts based on personality traits: An empirical study in initial Programming courses, pp.  29 – 45, abstract, download

Julian Grigera, Juan Cruz Gardey, Alejandro Fernandez, Alejandra Garrido
Tycho: Facilitation Support for Groupware User Tests, pp. 46 – 63, abstract, download

Héctor Cardona-Reyes, Cristian Trujillo-Espinoza, Carlos Arevalo-Mercado, Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga
Training of Drone Pilots through Virtual Reality Environments under the Gamification Approach in a University Context., pp. 64 – 83,  abstract, download

Sushardjanti Felasari, Chengzhi Peng
Collating a city’s collective memory in co-production of an online urban design learning space, pp. 84 – 96, abstract, download

Sergio Firmenich, Alejandro Fernandez, Rodolfo Gonzalez, Gustavo Rossi
Collaborative web extensions: a P2P approach, pp. 97 – 110, abstract, download

Gökçe Elif Baykal, Olof Torgersson, Eva Eriksson
Designing for Children’s Reflections in Collaborative Interaction Mediated by Technology: A Systematic Literature Review, pp. 111 – 134,  abstract, download

Regular paper 

Elisabeth Rolf, Ola Knutsson, Robert Ramberg
Teachers’ Design Processes: An Analysis of Teachers’ Design Talk and Use of Pedagogical Patterns, pp. 135 – 160, abstract, download

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