Table of Contents N.51

Winter 2021-2022


Special issue on:
Speculative and Critical Design: approaches and influences in education

Ingi Helgason, Enrique Encinas, Ivica Mitrovic, Michael Smyth
p. 5 – 7, download

Alma Leora Culén and  Nicholas Sebastian Stevens
Speculative and Critical Approach to Designing Technological Futures through HCI Education, pp. 8 – 31, abstract, download

Joseph Lindley and David Philip Green
The Ultimate Measure of Success for Speculative Design is to Disappear Completely, pp.  32 – 51, abstract, download

Inês Veiga
Transistórias: how a critical and speculative perspective contributes to rethink sustainability education in product design, pp. 52 – 80, abstract, download

Jordi Tost, Paula L. Schuster, Frank Heidmann
Prototyping Inconvenience: A pedagogical experiment on designing for debate in design education, pp. 81 – 110, abstract, download

Michael W. Beach and Tyler Fox
Value Sensitive Speculative Design: Exploring More-Than-Human Relations in the Age of Climate Catastrophe, pp. 111 – 131, abstract, download

Eva Eriksson, Anne-Marie Hansen, Elisabet M. Nilsson
Envisioning Future Scenarios: Teaching and Assessing Values-based Design Approaches, pp. 132 – 151, abstract, download

Natalia Pérez-Orrego, John Arango-Flórez, Claudia Fernandez-Silva, Juan David Mira-Duque
Be provoking. Schooling critical and speculative designers, pp. 152 – 171,  abstract, download

Lenneke Kuijer and Holly Robbins
Teaching Alternative Paradigms through Critical Design, pp. 172 – 201,  abstract, download

Eva Durall Gazulla
Exploring Education Techno-Monitoring Futures: A Participatory Speculative Critical Design Case, pp. 202 – 218, abstract, download

Sumita Sharma, Heidi Hartikainen, Leena Ventä-Olkkonen, Netta Iivari, Grace Eden, Essi Kinnunen, Jenni Holappa, Marianne Kinnula, Tonja Molin-Juustila, Jussi Okkonen, Sirkku Kotilainen, Ole Sejer Iversen, Rocío Fatás Arana
In Pursuit of Inclusive and Diverse Digital Futures: Exploring the Potential of Design Fiction in Education of Children, pp. 219 – 248,  abstract, download

Kay Kender and Peter Purgathofer
Insights for Educational Practice from a Thematic Analysis of Student Experiences with Speculative Design Mini-Projects about Personal Issues, pp. 249 – 269,  abstract, download

Laurens Boer and Tom Jenkins
Fostering Creative Confidence with SCD in Interaction Design Education, pp. 270 – 302,  abstract, download

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