Table of Contents N.57

Summer 2023


Special issue on:
Competence-based education: from school to responsible citizenship, wellbeing, and democracy.

Ilaria Bortolotti, Stefano Cacciamani, Romina Cachia, Arianna Sala, Nadia Sansone
p. 5 – 7, download

Carlo Giovannella
“Learning by being”: integrated thinking and competencies to mark the difference from AIs, pp. 8 – 26, abstract,  download

Stefano Cacciamani and Nobuko Fujita
Promoting Life Competences in the Knowledge Society: The Contribution of Knowledge Building Model for Educational Systems,  pp.  27 – 46,  abstract,  download

Marcelo F. Maina, Lourdes Guàrdia, Federica Mancini, Carolina García
Development of a Model for Transversal Competence Assessment in K-12: an Internal Validation Study for the Digital Competence, pp.  47 – 64,  abstract,  download

Betty Tärning, Eva-Maria Ternblad, Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake
A tale about facts and opinions: The impact of a drama intervention on middle-school students´ information literacy, pp.  65 – 81,  abstract,  download

Giuseppe Ritella, Fedela Feldia Loperfido
Harnessing digital community mapping for the development of primary and secondary students’ civic competences: a case study, pp. 82
 – 96,  abstract,  download

David S. Bowers and Marian Petre
Developing a Competence Assessment which References a Student Portfolio to a Professional Skills Framework, pp.  97 – 114, abstract, download

Antonio Palacios-Rodríguez, Francisco D. Guillén-Gámez, Julio Cabero-Almenara, Juan Jesús Gutiérrez-Castillo
Teacher Digital Competence in the stages of Compulsory Education according to DigCompEdu: The impact of demographic predictors on its development, pp.  115 – 132, abstract,  download

Alejandra Celis Vargas, Rikke Magnussen, Ingrid Mulder, Birger Larsen
Towards a framework for Open Data literacy in education: A systematic mapping review of Open Data skills and learning approaches, pp.  133 – 151, abstract,  download

Kai Pata and Külli Kori
Cross Academia and Public Citizen Engagement for Developing Active Citizenship Competences, pp.  152 – 166, abstract, download

Regular paper

Agneta Gulz and Magnus Haake
Lessons from a preschool intervention study carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, pp.  167 – 187, abstract,  download

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