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Springer 2024


Inaugurating the 20th year of IxD&A journal.
Carlo Giovannella
p. 5 – 6, download

Stimulated paper

Melania Nitu, Mihai Dascalu
Natural Language Processing Tools for Romanian – Going Beyond a Low-Resource Language.
pp. 7 – 26, abstract,  download

Special issue on:
Smart Learning Ecosystems as engines of the twin transitions.

Mihai Dascalu, Oscar Mealha, Sirje Virkus
p. 27 – 31, download

Pradipta Banerjee, Sobah Abbas Petersen
Key elements, processes and research gaps in city learning as an innovation ecosystem: A scoping review, pp. 32 – 58, abstract,  download

Carlo Giovannella, Maria Rosaria Autiero
The school as a place learning ecosystem – Participatory evaluation of the boundary conditions: the case of the IIS Amaldi, pp. 59 – 84,  abstract,  download

Oihane Unciti, Antoni Martinez Ballesté, Ramon Palau
Real-Time Emotion Recognition and its Effects in a Learning Environment, pp. 85 – 102, abstract,  download

José Quiles-Rodríguez, Josep M. Mateo-Sanz, Ramon Palau
How does Coloured Lighting Influence the Affective Processes of Pupils?, pp. 103 – 121, abstract,  download

María Libertad Aguilar Carlos, Jaime Muñoz Arteaga, Gabriela Citlalli López Torres, José Eder Guzmán Mendoza
Co-design a Digital Learning Ecosystem for Children with Disabilities: An Agile Model, pp. 122 – 146,  abstract,  download

Melania Nitu, Mihai Dascalu, Maria Dorinela Dascalu, Laurentiu-Marian Neagu, Maria-Iuliana Dascalu
Lib2Life – Digital Library Services Empowered with Advanced Natural Language Processing Techniques, pp. 147 – 167,  abstract,  download

Neil Potnis, Lola Ben-Alon
Earthen Builder Simulation: Representing Natural Materials and Embodied Carbon With Computational Play, pp. 168 – 193,  abstract,  download

Tamas Kersanszki, Zoltán Márton, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Zsolt Lavicza, Ildikó Holik
Minecraft in STEAM education – applying game-based learning to renewable energy, pp. 194 – 213,  abstract,  download

Regular paper

Carlos Alberto Peláez, Andrés Solano
A practice for specifying user stories in multimedia system design: An approach to reduce ambiguity, pp. 214 – 236, abstract,  download

Massimo Bianchini, Stefano Maffei, Carla Sedini
Exploring Circularity Toolkits for SMEs Learning Ecosystems, pp. 237 – 260, abstract,  download

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