Table of Contents N.9&10

Autumn-Winter 2010

Special issue on:
Design Centered and Personalized Learning in Liquid and Ubiquitous Learning Places (DULP): Future Visions and Practical Implementations


Mixed learning landscapes

Maria Chiara Pettenati
‘Roadmap to PLE – A Research Route to Empower the Use of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs)’, pp. 11-21, abstract, download

Alke Martens, Dennis Maciuszek, Géraldine Ruddeck, Martina Weicht
‘Pluig ‘n Train – A Component Based Approach’, pp. 22-36, abstract, download

Francesco Di Cerbo, Gabriella Dodero, Paola Forcheri
‘Ubiquitous Learning Perspectives in a Learning Management System’, pp. 37-48, abstract, download

Massimiliano Condotta, Till Nagel, Cristina Stefanelli
‘Browsing and correlating architectural and territorial data in tangible maps – New knowledge opportunities in new learning places’, pp. 49-62, abstract, download

Personalization and persons

Fathi Essalmi, Leila Jemni Ben Ayed, Mohamed Jemni, Kinshuk, Sabine Graf
‘Selection of appropriates E-learning personalization strategies from ontological perspectives’, pp. 65-84, abstract, download

Farman Ali Khan, Sabine Graf, Edgar R. Weippl, A Min Tjoa
‘Identifying and Incorporating Affective States and Learning Styles in Web-based Learning Management Systems’, pp. 85-103, abstract, download

Carlo Giovannella, Andrea Camusi, Chiara Spadavecchia
‘Educational Experiences and Experience Styles’, pp. 104-116, abstract, download

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