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Summer 2022


Special Issue on:
Gamification of the Learning Process

Davide Carneiro, Pilar Cáceres, Mariana Reimão Carvalho

p. 5 - 6, download

William Reyes Cabrera, Jesús Pinto Sosa, Ricardo Hernández-Dzib
The construction and validation of a Questionnaire of Gamification Skills in Teachers (QGST), pp. 7 - 26, abstract, download
"The objective of this study is to propose and validate a questionnaire that identifies gamification skills in teachers. In order to develop this instrument, a two-phase sequential exploratory design w..."

Chinonye Leuna Obioha, Izak van Zyl
Gameful design for skills development for youths in urban marginalised communities, pp. 27 - 50, abstract, download
"Unemployment is high among youths living in marginalised communities in South Africa. One of the reasons is that many young people are either un- or low-skilled to gain employment in a digital economy..."

Eduardo Nunes, Bruno Gavaia, Rui Rodrigues, Luís Sampaio, Raquel Silva
Liber Domus: Development of a Prototype RPG for 6th Grade Mathematics and Science Learning, pp. 51 - 69, abstract, download
"Recent studies shed an unfavourable light on existing tools that support at-distance learning in pre-university students. Concerns revolve around motivation, focus, engagement as well as long-term kno..."

Eva Mårell-Olsson
Teachers’ Perception of Gamification as a Teaching Design, pp. 70 - 100, abstract, download
"This paper reports on a study investigating teachers’ experiences of using gamification as a teaching strategy, in combination with the use of contemporary and emergent technologies in K–12 education...."

Steven Tanimoto
Three Tiers of Gamification in a College Course on Problem Solving for Global Challenges, pp. 101 - 127, abstract, download
"Three different forms of gamification in learning are described in the context of an intensive four-week course for incoming freshmen at the University of Washington. The course covers topics from se..."

Pedro Beça, Mónica Aresta, Rita Santos, Ana Isabel Veloso, Gonçalo Gomes
Students as Game Creators. Easing the game construction process by using a toolkit to game design, pp. 128 - 143, abstract, download
"In recent years, serious games and gamification strategies have been used in the education field and seen as highly motivating for educating and motivating younger people. As regard to games, and in t..."

Amuthageetha Nagarajan, Arkendu Sen
Can Bloom\'s Higher Order Thinking skills be achieved by Gamified Learning through Social Networking Site (SNS) like Facebook?, pp. 144 - 160, abstract, download
"Medical students commonly may resort to rote learning of complex medical topics such as neuroanatomy, primarily if they disengage and work in silos. Providing students with engaging and interactive co..."

Stavros A. Nikou, Anastasios A. Economides, Andromachi Boikou
Business simulation games: impact on SOLO taxonomy learning outcomes, learning performance and teamwork competency, pp. 161 - 175, abstract, download
"Despite the increasing use of simulation games in business education, only few studies have explored the cognitive processes that learners employ while playing the game, with quite controversial resul..."

Carmen Llorente-Cejudo, Antonio de Padua Palacios Rodriguez, Victoria Fernàndez Scagliusi
Learning landscapes and educational Breakout for the development of digital skills of teachers in training, pp. 176 - 190, abstract, download
"The digital educational breakout, as well as gamification, has become a methodological strategy that provides a multitude of benefits. The following study is presented, incorporating a gamified practi..."

Fábio Silva, João Ramos, Cesar Analide
Applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Practical Application Learning with Gamification Elements, pp. 191 - 212, abstract, download
"Virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to enhance and widespread practical learning environments in professional courses efficiently in a cost-efficient manner by limiting the costs ..."

José Manuel Sáez-López, Esteban Vázquez-Cano, Javier Fombona, Eloy López-Meneses
Gamification and gaming proposals, teachers’ perceptions and practices in Primary Education, pp. 213 - 229, abstract, download
"This research has analyzed the application of gamification and game-based learning to primary education based on the evaluation of gamification by 308 primary education teachers in Spain. A quantitati..."

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