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Summer 2023


Special Issue on:
Competence-based education: from school to responsible citizenship, wellbeing, and democracy.

Ilaria Bortolotti, Ilaria Bortolotti, Stefano Cacciamani, Romina Cachia, Arianna Sala, Nadia Sansone, Stefano Cacciamani

p. 5 - 7, download

Carlo Giovannella
“Learning by being”: integrated thinking and competencies to mark the difference from AIs, pp. 8 - 26, abstract, download
"In this position paper, starting from the concept of competence and highlighting how competence frameworks always underlie a model of the individual’s operativeness in a specific context, an education..."

Stefano Cacciamani, Nobuko Fujita
Promoting Life Competences in the Knowledge Society: The Contribution of Knowledge Building Model for Educational Systems, pp. 27 - 46, abstract, download
"This article analyzes the possibility of using the Knowledge Building model in schools to promote the skills and abilities indicated by the LifeComp framework. After placing the LifeComp framework in ..."

Marcelo Maina, Lourdes Guàrdia, Federica Mancini, Carolina García
Development of a Model for Transversal Competence Assessment in K-12: an Internal Validation Study for the Digital Competence, pp. 47 - 64, abstract, download
"While competence-based education is gaining momentum in K-12, integration into the curriculum is still challenging. We present a Competence Assessment Model that supports creating scenarios that use s..."

Betty Tärning, Eva-Maria Ternblad, Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake
A tale about facts and opinions: The impact of a drama intervention on middle-school students´ information literacy, pp. 65 - 81, abstract, download
"Today, huge amounts of data are produced, collected, and presented in all kinds of contexts. The ability to critically examine and evaluate information and arguments in relation to empirical evidence ..."

Giuseppe Ritella, Fedela Loperfido
Harnessing digital community mapping for the development of primary and secondary students’ civic competences: a case study, pp. 82 - 96, abstract, download
"In this study, we examine a pedagogical activity centered around the collaborative construction of a digital community map, involving students from 4th to 7th grade. Our primary focus is to explore ho..."

David Bowers, Marian Petre
Developing a Competence Assessment which References a Student Portfolio to a Professional Skills Framework, pp. 97 - 114, abstract, download
"As part of the UK Institute of Coding (IoC), established to address the perceived skills gap between computing graduate capabilities and employer needs, a degree accreditation standard was developed w..."

Antonio de Padua Palacios Rodriguez, Francisco Guillén-Gámez, Julio Cabero-Almenara, Juan Jesús Gutiérrez-Castillo
Teacher Digital Competence in the stages of Compulsory Education according to DigCompEdu: The impact of demographic predictors on its development, pp. 115 - 132, abstract, download
"New educational trends mediated by technology require the development of Teacher Digital Competence (TDC). These have been regulated by competence frameworks, such as DigCompEdu. The aim of the study ..."

Alejandra Celis Vargas, Rikke Magnussen, Ingrid Mulder, Birger Larsen
Towards a framework for Open Data literacy in education: A systematic mapping review of Open Data skills and learning approaches, pp. 133 - 151, abstract, download
"Open Data (OD) is defined as digital data that is made available with the technical and legal characteristics necessary to be freely used, reused, and redistributed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Al..."

Külli Kori, Kai Pata
Cross Academia and Public Citizen Engagement for Developing Active Citizenship Competences, pp. 152 - 166, abstract, download
"This paper explored the effect of the different open cross-university and public knowledge building activities on participants’ active citizenship competencies. A survey was conducted with the partici..."

Regular papers:

Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake
Lessons from a preschool intervention study carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, pp. 167 - 187, abstract, download
"The article describes how a series of adaptions enabled us to carry out a controlled intervention study in 15 preschools, with 420 children and about 40 preschool teachers, during the Covid?19 pandemi..."

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