FUPOL: an Integrated Approach to Participative Policies

Silvana Tomic Rotim, Peter Sonntagbauer, Giorgio Prister
pp. 48 – 60, download


The Future Policy Modelling Project (FUPOL) is a research project funded by the 7th framework program of the European Union. Its research focus are new technologies and methods for e-governance, e-participation and policy modelling.  The FUPOL consortium consists of partners from European  countries, China and Kenya. and comprises innovative multinational companies, leading research institutes, high-level political organizations as well as strong pilot partners. This paper describes the FUPOL new integrated approach to policy design and implementation including also specific examples from real life pilots in cities from different countries. FUPOL consists of an advanced policy lifecycle and an IT-solution with features supporting all phases of the proposed lifecycle. The FUPOL concept and functional modules as well as the technical architecture to  achieve such a complete integration are described.

keywords: policy modelling, policy simulation, e-participation, e-governance, smart governance

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