Table of Contents N.20

Spring 2014

Special issue on:
People Centered Smart Territories: Design, Learning & Analytics

John M. Carroll, Jessica Kropczynski and Kyungsik Han
Grounding Activity in People-Centered Smart Territories by Enhancing Community Awareness, pp. 9 – 22, abstract, download

Liliana Bazzanella, Giuseppe Roccasalva, Simona Valenti
Phygital public space approach: a case study in Volpiano, pp. 23 – 32, abstract, download

Grazia Concilio, Alessandro Deserti, Francesca Rizzo
Exploring the interplay between urban governance and smart services codesign, pp. 33 – 47, abstract, download

Silvana Tomic Rotim, Peter Sonntagbauer, Giorgio Prister
FUPOL: an Integrated Approach to Participative Policies, pp. 48 – 60, abstract, download

Kevin Hamilton, Karrie Karahalios, Christian Sandvig, Cedric Langbort
The image of the algorithmic city: a research approach, pp. 61 – 71, abstract, download

Carlo Giovannella, Mihai Dascalu, Federico Scaccia
Smart City Analytics: state of the art and future perspectives, pp. 72 – 87, abstract, download

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