A review of ten years of implementation and research in aligning learning design with learning analytics at the Open University UK

Bart Rienties, Quan Nguyen, Wayne Holmes, Katharine Reedy
pp. 134 – 154, download


There is an increased recognition that learning design drives both student learning experience and quality enhancements of teaching and learning. The Open University UK (OU) has been one of few institutions that have explicitly and systematically captured the designs for learning at a large scale. By applying advanced analytical techniques on large and fine-grained datasets, the OU has been unpacking the complexity of instructional practices, as well as providing conceptual and empirical evidence of how learning design influences student behaviour, satisfaction, and performance. This study discusses the implementation of learning design at the OU in the last ten years, and critically reviews empirical evidence from eight recent large-scale studies that have linked learning design with learning analytics. Four future research themes are identified to support future adoptions of learning design approaches.

Keywords: Learning Design, Learning Analytics, Engagement, Satisfaction, Performance.

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