Design Recommendations for Improving Immersion in Role-Playing Video Games. A Focus on Storytelling and Localisation

Vanessa Cesário, Mariana Ribeiro, António Coelho
pp.  207 – 225, download


This article investigates the role of storytelling in video game localisation and its impact on players’ immersion and overall gaming experience. While these topics have been extensively studied and developed within the research community, there is still a lack of information combining them in a practical study specific to a particular genre or video game. Using grounded theory, we conducted a study using The Witcher III: Wild Hunt as a case study (role-playing game). We had 41 participants play the video game in two localised versions (English and Brazilian-Portuguese), complete questionnaires, and be interviewed about their gameplay experience after each version. The results provided design recommendations to enhance video game immersion (language and voice-acting) and highlight certain aspects that game designers should consider to further intensify players’ immersion during gameplay.

Keywords: Storytelling, Localisation, Immersion, Video games, Role-playing game.


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