Table of Contents N.58

Autumn 2023


Stimulated paper

Ana Bilandzic, Marcus Foth, Greg Hearn
Skunkworks: The design of casual creative environments for social innovation
pp. 5 – 31, abstract,  download

Special issue on:
Design Education for Hybrid Environments: Pedagogies, frameworks, and tools for crafting next-generation physical-digital spaces.

Daniel Rosenberg Munoz, Dina El Zanfaly, Peter Scupelli, Daragh Byrne
p. 33 – 38, download

Giacomo Nalli, Georgios Dafoulas, Ariadni Tsiakara, Bahareh Langari, Kajal Mistry, Farzad Tahmasebi Aria
Hybrid Educational Environments – Using IoT to detect emotion changes during student interactions, pp. 39 – 52, abstract,  download

Gökçe Elif Baykal, Olof Torgersson, Peter Ruijten, Eva Eriksson
Teaching Design of Technologies for Collaborative Interaction in Physical-Digital Environments,  pp.  53 – 71,  abstract,  download

Muhammad Usman, Aman Usmani, Mojgan Jadidi
Re-envisioning Field Surveying as an Immersive Gamification Experience, pp.  72 – 89,  abstract,  download

Anders Kluge and Marlene Hasle
Use of Augmented Reality to Integrate Knowledge, pp.  90 – 109,  abstract,  download

Brendon Clark and Ylva Fernaeus
Playing with the elasticity of hybrid design education, pp. 110
 – 131,  abstract,  download

Dimitrios Papanikolaou
Connective Environments: Towards Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Models for Design of Networked, Interactive, Participatory Systems, pp.  132 – 156, abstract, download

Regular papers

Ilhan Aslan, Dominik Neu, Daniela Neupert, Stefan Grafberger, Nico Weise, Pascal Pfeil, Maximilian Kuschewski
How to Compliment a Human – Designing Affective and Well-being Promoting Conversational Things,
pp.  157 – 184, abstract,  download

Alessandro Pollini, Marinella Paciello, Giorgia Saleri, Giuseppe Corbelli
Interaction Design and Experiment with Conversational Storytelling for Road Safety Culture, pp.  185 – 206, abstract,  download

Vanessa Cesário, Mariana Ribeiro, António Coelho
Design Recommendations for Improving Immersion in Role-Playing Video Games. A Focus on Storytelling and Localisation, pp.  207 – 225, abstract, download

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