is a Professor of Educational Technologies and Learning Analytics and is affiliated with the German Leibniz Institute for International Educational Research (, the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, and the Open University of the Netherlands. He is the Scientific Director of studiumdigitale, the central research and innovation unit for technology-enhanced learning, at the Goethe-University with over 50.000 students. His research interests include Learning Analytics, Personalisation technologies, Recommender Systems, Educational data, mobile devices, and their applications in the fields of Technology-Enhanced Learning and Health 2.0.

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Articles published on IXD&A:

• ‘Evaluating the Impact of FoLA on Learning Analytics Knowledge Creation and Acceptance during Multidisciplinary, Co-Design of Learning Activities,’, N. 55, 2023, pp. 9 – 33, abstract, download, (, Google Scholar
"Learning analytics offers opportunities to enhance the design of learning activities by providing information on the impact of different learning designs. Despite the availability of design methods th..."

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