Table of Contents N.16

Spring 2013

Special issue on:
Smart City Learning – Visions and practical Implementations: toward Horizon 2020
Part I

Carlo Giovannella Andrea Iosue, Antonello Tancredi, Fabrizio Cicola, Andrea Camusi, Fabrizia Moggio, Vincenzo Baraniello, Simone Carcone, Silvio Coco
Scenarios for active learning in smart territories, pp. 7 – 16, abstract, download

Ilaria Canova Calori, Chiara Rossitto, Monica Divitini
Understanding Trajectories of Experience in Situated Learning Field Trips, pp. 17 – 26, abstract, download

Malcolm McCullough
Attention in Urban Foraging, pp. 27 – 36, abstract,  download

Andrea Gobbi, Stefania Spina
Smart Cities and Languages: The Language Network, pp. 37, 46, abstract, download

Christos Sintoris, Nikoleta Yiannoutsou, Soteris Demetriou, Nikolaos Avouris
Discovering the invisible city: Location-based games for learning in smart cities, pp. 47 – 64, abstract, download

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