Table of Contents N.19

Winter 2013-2014

Special issue on:
Games for learning


Alex Frazer, Alejandra Recio-Saucedo, Lester Gilbert, Gary Wills
Profiling the Educational Value of Computer Games, pp. 9 – 27, abstract, download

Michael Sailer, Jan Hense, Heinz Mandl, Markus Klevers
Psychological Perspectives on Motivation through Gamification, pp. 28 – 37, abstract, download

Claudia Schrader
The Relation between Virtual Presence and Learning Outcomes in Serious Games – The Mediating Effect of Motivation, pp. 38 – 46, abstract, download

Félix Buendía García, Sol García Martínez, Eva M. Navarrete Ibañez, M. Jesús Cervelló Donderis
Designing Serious Games for getting transferable skills in training settings, pp. 47 – 62, abstract, download

Troy D. Abel & Michael Evans
Cross-disciplinary Participatory & Contextual Design Research: Creating a Teacher Dashboard Application, pp. 63 – 76, abstract, download

Lori L. Scarlatos, Micha Tomkiewicz, Ryan Courtney
Using an Agent-Based Modeling Simulation and Game to Teach Socio-Scientific Topics, pp. 77 – 90, abstract, download

Giannis Altanis, Michalis Boloudakis, Symeon Retalis, Nikos Nikou
Children with Motor Impairments Play a Kinect Learning Game: First Findings from a Pilot Case in an Authentic Classroom Environment, pp. 91 – 104, abstract, download

Reinhold Behringer, Roderick King, Abraham Smith, Jamie Matu, Andrew King, Bengamin Taylor, Parichay Parivesh
The Virtual Runner Learning Game, pp. 105 – 114, abstract, download

Hiran B. Ekanayake, Per Backlund, Tom Ziemke, Robert Ramberg, Kamalanath P. Hewagamage, and Mikael Lebram
Comparing Expert and Novice Driving Behavior in a Driving Simulator, pp. 115 – 131, abstract, download

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