Table of Contents N.40

Spring 2019


Focus section on:
Games for Urban Sustainability

by Andrea Vesco, Salvatore Di Dio, Bernat Gaston
pp. 5 – 7, download

Antonio Opromolla, Valentina Volpi, Giovanni Andrea Parente
Co-Designing Game Solutions for Hybrid Urban Spaces. How Game Elements Can Improve People Experience with the Mobility Services, pp. 9 – 23,  abstract, download

Annapaola Marconi, Michela Ferron, Enrica Loria, Paolo Massa
Play&Go, an Urban Game Promoting Behaviour Change for Sustainable Mobility, pp.  24 – 45, abstract, download

Veronica Gizzi, Salvatore Di Dio, Domenico Schillaci
Junkbox, a waste management educational game for preschool kids, pp. 46 – 56, abstract, download

Davide Leone
U’Game – a toolkit for urban gaming, pp. 57 – 68,  abstract, download

Regular paper

Daniel Salamanca Díaz, José Tiberio Hernández
ARspace: Augmented Reality and Visual Analytics for Improving and Monitoring the Quality of Public Space – Case: Las Nieves Neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia, pp. 69 – 83,  abstract, download

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