Table of Contents N.44

Spring 2020


Regular papers
by Carlo Giovannella
pp. 5 – 6, download

Paula Alexandra Silva, Oksana Tymoshchuk, Denis Renó, Ana Margarida Almeida, Luís Pedro, Fernando Ramos
Understanding the role of digital communication and mediation strategies in community-led territorial innovation: a systematic review, pp. 7 – 28,  abstract, download

John M. Carroll, Sooyeon Lee, Madison Reddie, Jordan Beck and Mary Beth Rosson
Human-Computer Synergies in Prosthetic Interactions, pp.  29 – 52, abstract, download

ilker Erkan
Early Design Stage Analysis with Brain Imaging Method, pp. 53 – 70, abstract, download

Maka Eradze, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Nikola Milikic, Mart Laanpere and Kairit Tammets
Contextualising Learning Analytics with Classroom Observations: A Case study, pp. 71 – 95,  abstract, download

Donatella Persico, Flavio Manganello, Marcello Passarelli
Participatory approaches to Learning Design: the gap between theory and practice, pp. 96 – 108, abstract, download

Wolmet Barendregt, Sara Ekström, Svea Kiesewetter, Lena Pareto, Sofia Serholt
Demystifying Robots in the Co-Design of a Tutee Robot with Primary School Children, pp. 109 – 128, abstract, download

Agneta Gulz, Susanne Kjällander, Sofia Frankenberg, Magnus Haake
Early Math in a Preschool Context: Spontaneous Extension of the Digital into the Physical, pp. 129 – 154, abstract, download

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