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Spring 2020


Special Issue on:
R1 – Regular papers

Carlo Giovannella

p. 5 - 6, download

Regular papers:

Paula Alexandra Silva, Oksana Tymoshchuk, Denis Renó, Ana Margarida Almeida, Luís Pedro, Fernando Ramos
Understanding the role of digital communication and mediation strategies in community-led territorial innovation: a systematic review, pp. 7 - 28, abstract, download
"This article brings together empirical academic research on community-led territorial innovation initiatives. By engaging in a systematic literature review, the research analyses the role of digital t..."

John M. Carroll, Sooyeon Lee, Madison Reddie, Jordan Beck, Mary Beth Rosson
Human-Computer Synergies in Prosthetic Interactions, pp. 29 - 52, abstract, download
"Remote sighted assistance provides prosthetic support to people with visual impairments (PVI) through internet-mediated conversational interactions. In these interactions, PVI broadcast live video to ..."

Ilker Erkan
Early Design Stage Analysis with Brain Imaging Method, pp. 53 - 70, abstract, download
"This study focuses on the early design phase in architectural design and aims to examine how participants transform their knowledge to make the initial decisions regarding design. A total of 100 volun..."

Maka Eradze, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Nikola Milikic, Mart Laanpere, Kairit Tammets
Contextualising Learning Analytics with Classroom Observations: A Case study, pp. 71 - 95, abstract, download
"Educational processes take place in physical and digital places. To analyse educational processes, Learning Analytics (LA) enable data collection from the digital learning context. At the same time, t..."

Marcello Passarelli, Donatella Persico, Flavio Manganello
Participatory approaches to Learning Design: the gap between theory and practice, pp. 96 - 108, abstract, download
"The 4Cs framework, concerning self-regulated professional learning in knowledge intensive domains, is the lens through which participatory practices in learning design are investigated in this paper. ..."

Wolmet Barendregt, Sara Ekström, Svea Kiesewetter, Lena Pareto, Sofia Serholt
Demystifying Robots in the Co-Design of a Tutee Robot with Primary School Children, pp. 109 - 128, abstract, download
"This paper contributes to the existing body of knowledge on the co-design of novel technologies with children. As part of a three year research project aiming to design and develop a robot tutee for u..."

Agneta Gulz, Susanne Kjällander, Sofia Frankenberg, Magnus Haake
Early Math in a Preschool Context: Spontaneous Extension of the Digital into the Physical, pp. 129 - 154, abstract, download
"The paper presents a systematic examination of data from two early math interventions, involving 188 children aged 3,5-6,5 and their teachers. The aim is to cast light on how a digital early math game..."

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