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Autumn 2020


Special Issue on:
Learning and learning ecosystems in the time of Covid-19


p. 5 - 12, download

Kee-Man Chuah, Fitri Suraya Mohamad
Emergency Remote Teaching Scenarios, Struggles and Soundboxes: A Case Study on Malaysian Teachers, pp. 13 - 28, abstract, download
"xThe shift to emergency remote teaching has created a ripple effect in education across the globe. Although efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic can be lauded, much remains unknown in ..."

Jenna Conan Simpson
Distance learning during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic: Examining K-12 students’ and parents’ experiences and perspectives, pp. 29 - 46, abstract, download
"This study examines K-12 students and parents in the United States’ experiences and challenges during the sudden shift to distance learning during the spring of 2020. The study also aims to analyze wh..."

Terje Väljataga, Katrin Poom-Valickis, Kirsti Rumma, Kati Aus
Transforming higher education learning ecosystem: teaching staff perspective, pp. 47 - 69, abstract, download
"As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, organizing, designing and delivering learning programs in higher educational institutions needed to be revised and transferred to the digital world without destroyi..."

Chun-Hua Tsai, Guillermo Romera Rodriguez, Na Li, Jenay Robert, Alex Serpi, John M. Carroll
Experiencing the Transition to Remote Teaching and Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic, pp. 70 - 87, abstract, download
"The sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted universities around the world. In the two weeks following a shelter-in-place order, all the actors of the educational system were forced to..."

Mohammad Rokibul Kabir, Aminul Islam, Shahera Afroz Deena
Explaining the adoption of technology-based design of higher education during and after COVID 19 period from a developing country perspective, pp. 88 - 119, abstract, download
"COVID 19 has a severe impact in every sphere of life, and education is not an exception to this. Hence, the education sector in developing countries like Bangladesh needs a quick transformation from t..."

Carlo Giovannella, Marcello Passarelli
The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic seen through the lens of the Italian university teachers and the comparison with school teachers’ perspective, pp. 120 - 136, abstract, download
"In this paper, we report one of the first investigations conducted at the National level with university teachers, with the aim to capture their perceptions about the capability of the learning ecosys..."

Andrea Giuseppe Manciaracina
A tool for designing hybrid learning contexts in higher education, pp. 137 - 155, abstract, download
"This paper investigates the opportunities offered by an instructional tool, built to help teachers in the creation of hybrid teaching activities in post-pandemic learning contexts. Teachers will desig..."

Eleonora Faggiano, Federica Mennuni
Constructing mathematical meanings with digital tools: design, implementation and analysis of a teaching activity in a distance education context, pp. 156 - 174, abstract, download
"This paper presents and analyses a teaching experiment, carried out with five 12thgrade students, in a distance education context during the pandemic, in May 2020. The teaching activity, framed by the..."

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