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Winter 2020


Special Issue on:
Tools, Pedagogical and Ludic Strategies, Co-Design supporting Smart Learning Ecosystems and Smart Education

Oscar Mealha, Traian Rebedea

p. 5 - 5, download

Roberto Araya
A collective brain to adapt teaching to quarantined first and second graders, pp. 7 - 26, abstract, download
"The education of first and second graders was the hardest hit by the pandemic. They have to learn to read, which is the biggest learning leap one can take. However, learning to read with a remote teac..."

Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Fandi Bi, Kathrin Land, Emanuel Trunzer
Transitions in Teaching Mechanical Engineering during COVID-19 crisis, pp. 27 - 47, abstract, download
"The quality of teaching in mechanical engineering greatly depends on the practical application of the fundamental theory taught. During COVID-19, limited access to in-class lectures, practical courses..."

Majid Rouhani, Veronica Farshchian, Monica Divitini
Teaching Programming in Secondary Schools: Stepping and Stumbling Stones, pp. 48 - 68, abstract, download
"Programming is introduced in secondary education in a growing number of subjects. This results in an increasing number of teachers teaching programming in their classes, often without proper training...."

Eva Mårell-Olsson
Using gamification as an online teaching strategy to develop students’ 21st century skills, pp. 69 - 93, abstract, download
"This paper reports on a study investigating the use of gamification as a teaching strategy in an online setting for developing upper -secondary students’ 21st century skills (i.e., collaboration, crit..."

Rubén Buitrago, Oscar Boude, Jesús Salinas
Designing and Representing Learning Itineraries: A Systematic Review of the Literature, pp. 94 - 122, abstract, download
"Designing learning in higher education involves developing teaching-learning strategies adapted to the individual characteristics of students. Therefore, it is necessary to create models that facilita..."

Stavros A. Nikou
Web-based videoconferencing for teaching online: Continuance intention to use in the post-COVID-19 period, pp. 123 - 143, abstract, download
"Web-based videoconferencing has gained a great momentum worldwide, with extremely high adoption rates during the COVID -19 pandemic. The current study aims to investigate the use of web-based videocon..."

Janika Leoste, Mati Heidmets, Tobias Ley, Jelena Stepanova
Classroom Innovation Becoming Sustainable: A Study of Technological Innovation Adoption by Estonian Primary School Teachers, pp. 144 - 166, abstract, download
"Rapid technological advances provide education systems with a steady stream of novel teaching approaches that are based on various modern technologies. These novel approaches are known as Technology-E..."

Carlo Giovannella, Marcello Passarelli, Alaa S.A. Alkhafaji, Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón
A comparative study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on three different national university learning ecosystems as bases to derive a Model for the Attitude to get Engaged in Technological Innovation (MAETI), pp. 167 - 190, abstract, download
"This paper reports the outcomes of a unique investigation coordinated by ASLERD that had the aim of comparing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on three learning ecosystems with different cultural ..."

Catarina Lelis
Smart Brands and Identities: building friendly bridges between Design and Smartness, pp. 191 - 214, abstract, download
"When adapting an environment toward making it smarter than it is, every user is expected to develop a certain degree of design literacy to effectively contribute with and make use of relevant data. Li..."

Ladislava Zbiejczuk Suchá, Roman Novotný, Tomáš Štefek, Aldo de Moor, Jirina Belehradová Svitáková, Eliška Bartošová, Petr Škyrík, Barbora Buchtová, Eva Víchová
Designing an incubator for social innovations in libraries: Learnings from the Research through Design approach, pp. 215 - 236, abstract, download
"Promoting social innovations in libraries requires a new approach to designing innovation programs. In order to provide the effective learning program on social innovations for libraries, the Research..."

Antonio Amado Lorenzo, Vicente López-Chao
Analogue and Digital Access to Architectural Information, pp. 237 - 255, abstract, download
"Access to architectural information has undergone great changes due to the global use of the internet. In the digital environment, the quantity of information and its ‘free’ availability create advant..."

Wrya Sabir Abdullah, Nahedh Taha Al-Qemaqchi
The Impact of University Campus Spatial Organisation on Pedestrian Speed: A Comparison between the Old and New Campuses of Sulaimani University, pp. 256 - 273, abstract, download
"Walkable university campuses require comprehensive planning and design that considers the campus as a whole, which means that buildings and the surrounding environment should not be segmented from a w..."

Regular papers:

Nuno M. Guimarães
Complexity, Design and Culture: convergence for digital experiences, pp. 274 - 305, abstract, download
"The design of digital experiences, systems and sociotechnical solutions in the contemporary society is characterized by increasing complexity. More and more variables are present and unpredictable eff..."

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