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Winter 2021


Special Issue on:
Speculative and Critical Design: approaches and influences in education

Ingi Helgason, Enrique Encinas, Ivica Mitrovic, Michael Smyth

p. 5 - 7, download

Alma Leora Culén, Nicholas Sebastian Stevens
Speculative and Critical Approach to Designing Technological Futures through HCI Education, pp. 8 - 31, abstract, download
"We believe that challenging times demand HCI education to pay attention to current real-life, complex, systemic problems. Therefore, we suggest an integrated framework for teaching HCI that involves c..."

Joseph Lindley, David Philip Green
The Ultimate Measure of Success for Speculative Design is to Disappear Completely, pp. 32 - 51, abstract, download
"In this paper, we discuss how the increasing prevalence of Speculative Design in educational, research and commercial contexts may reflect and nurture a challenge to the dominance of ‘scientism’. The ..."

Inês Veiga
Transistórias: how a critical and speculative perspective contributes to rethink sustainability education in product design, pp. 52 - 80, abstract, download
"This essay is a reflective and exploratory account of an experience-based learning exercise in 2017/2018 within the course unit of ‘Sustainability of products and services’ in the Master in Product De..."

Jordi Tost, Paula L. Schuster, Frank Heidmann
Prototyping Inconvenience: A pedagogical experiment on designing for debate in design education, pp. 81 - 110, abstract, download
"With design having more impact than ever, there is an increased need for critical inquiries into design research and education that engage designers to question established disciplinary assumptions. O..."

Michael W. Beach, Tyler Fox
Value Sensitive Speculative Design: Exploring More-Than-Human Relations in the Age of Climate Catastrophe, pp. 111 - 131, abstract, download
"As issues of climate change become more apparent and intertwined with our daily lives, calls for action amplify. The causes and effects of anthropogenic climate change (rising temperatures and oceans,..."

Eva Eriksson, Anne-Marie Hansen, Elisabet M. Nilsson
Envisioning Future Scenarios: Teaching and Assessing Values-based Design Approaches, pp. 132 - 151, abstract, download
"This article addresses the need for teaching materials and systematized methods for teaching and assessing values-based design approaches. We do so by suggesting the teaching activity Envisioning futu..."

Natalia Pérez-Orrego, John Arango-Flórez, Claudia Fernandez-Silva, Juan David Mira-Duque
Be provoking. Schooling critical and speculative designers, pp. 152 - 171, abstract, download
"Designing the provocation is a powerful strategy to jump from denouncing to generating actions and behaviors of a critical and speculative nature in design students. This article presents the discursi..."

Lenneke Kuijer, Holly Robbins
Teaching Alternative Paradigms through Critical Design, pp. 172 - 201, abstract, download
"This paper introduces and reflects on a master elective course for Interaction Design students titled Researching the Future Everyday. Aiming to equip students with the skills to critically adapt thei..."

Eva Durall Gazulla
Exploring Education Techno-Monitoring Futures: A Participatory Speculative Critical Design Case, pp. 202 - 218, abstract, download
"In learning and education, techno-monitoring practices are a growing trend. While these practices are still emerging, there has been no public debate on education stakeholders’ preferred futures regar..."

Sumita Sharma, Heidi Hartikainen, Leena Ventä-Olkkonen, Netta Iivari, Grace Eden, Essi Kinnunen, Jenni Holappa, Marianne Kinnula, Tonja Molin-Juustila, Jussi Okkonen, Sirkku Kotilainen, Ole Sejer Iversen, Rocío Fatás Arana
In Pursuit of Inclusive and Diverse Digital Futures: Exploring the Potential of Design Fiction in Education of Children, pp. 219 - 248, abstract, download
"2020 marks the beginning of a new era as the pandemic catapulted us into new digital and virtual ways of everyday life. As the world changes, we reimagine empowering, equitable, accessible, diverse, a..."

Kay Kender, Peter Purgathofer
Insights for Educational Practice from a Thematic Analysis of Student Experiences with Speculative Design Mini-Projects about Personal Issues, pp. 249 - 269, abstract, download
"In 2020, we gave a large-scale first-year informatics course an assignment to speculatively design hypothetical solutions for issues they were experiencing due to social distancing measures during the..."

Laurens Boer, Tom Jenkins
Fostering Creative Confidence with SCD in Interaction Design Education, pp. 270 - 302, abstract, download
"Creative confidence is a concept that has been popularly linked to design thinking in more generalist interaction design education. Based on an analysis of creative confidence, however, we propose tha..."

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