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Spring 2022


Special Issue on:
Beyond the Pandemics & Wars: SLERD Reload

Mihai Dascalu, Tania Di Mascio, Oscar Mealha

p. 5 - 5, download

Duarte Luis Sousa, Pedro Filipe Campos, Vanessa Cesário
Design Implications for Interactive and Analogue Technologies supporting Distance Education: A Longitudinal Mixed-Method Study during the Pandemic, pp. 6 - 22, abstract, download
"We believe that challenging times demand HCI education to pay attention to current real-life, complex, systemic problems. Therefore, we suggest an integrated framework for teaching HCI that involves c..."

Carlo Giovannella
Between Awareness and Acceptance: a more mature School Teachers’ Perspective on Integrated Learning one year after the pandemic outbreak, pp. 23 - 6, abstract, download
"One year after the outbreak of the pandemic that provoked a forced and massive adoption of technology enhanced learning practices, followed by a continuous evolution of their delivery modalities (on-l..."

Saul Delabrida
Hybrid Project-Based Learning course approach from face-to-face and remote experiences, pp. 44 - 60, abstract, download
"The Covid-19 pandemic challenged students and educators who quickly migrated face-to-face courses to a remote context. Given this challenge, this paper documents the experience of a Project-Based Lear..."

Cèlia Llurba, Gabriela Fretes, Ramon Palau
Pilot study of real-time Emotional Recognition technology for Secondary school students, pp. 61 - 80, abstract, download
"The large variety of students in a class makes the teaching task complex, making it difficult for the teacher to personalise learning to each student. Since students should be at the centre of the edu..."

Erkki Rötkönen, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Naska Goagoses, Tariq Zaman, Helvi Itenge, Daniel Yong Wen Tan, Erkki Sutinen
Creating Smart Connected Learning Ecosystems: A Hybrid Model for Design-Based Learning, pp. 81 - 100, abstract, download
"Emerging technologies and new pedagogies, such as design-based learning, have the potential to revolutionize formal education systems. We postulate that smart learning ecosystems can be co-created thr..."

Laurentiu-Marian Neagu, Eric Rigaud, Vincent Guarnieri, Emanuel Ioan Radu, Sébastien Travadel, Mihai Dascalu, Razvan Rughinis
OntoStrength: An Ontology for Psychomotor Strength Development, pp. 101 - 118, abstract, download
"An ontology is a formal, explicit description of concepts and relations from a domain while considering underlying properties, restrictions, and instances.With the advancement of the Semantic Web, the..."

Ingrid Mulder, Alberto Magni
A collaborative learning infrastructure to build capacity for urban transformations, pp. 119 - 140, abstract, download
"An increasing number of social innovators are leveraging cities as urban learning ecosystems in order to experiment with design approaches to tackle societal challenges at a local level. However, the ..."

Focus section on:
Educational Location-based Applications

Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Esteban W. G. Clua, Jimmy Jaldemark, Heinrich Söbke

p. 141 - 143, download

Yasaman Nekoui, Eduardo Roig
Children and the Mediated City. Place Attachment Development Using Augmented Reality in Urban Spaces, pp. 144 - 157, abstract, download
"Nowadays technology has become an essential component in our urban environments. The mediated city is a concept that takes advantage of various kinds of technology to enhance the functional efficiency..."

Pedro Silveira, Davidson Cury, Crediné Silva de Menezes
A framework for designing applications to support knowledge construction on learning ecosystems, pp. 158 - 178, abstract, download
"We are building a society increasingly immersed in digital contexts. In this transformation process, mainly because of the daily use of technology, several contexts of our lives are changing, includin..."

Diego Ricca, Bianca Lupo, Jairo Diniz, Leonardo Veras, Clice Mazzilli
Attention, stimulus and Augmented Reality for urban daily-life education in a social peripheral setting: the Streets that tell stories AR app, pp. 179 - 197, abstract, download
"This paper aims to identify which design strategies can be considered when exploring different levels of stimulation of cognition and attention of the user in the development of educational location-b..."

James Raber, Richard E. Ferdig, Enrico Gandolfi, Robert Clements
An analysis of motivation and situational interest in a location-based augmented reality application, pp. 198 - 220, abstract, download
"Research has provided evidence that augmented reality (AR) can be an effective tool to improve teaching and learning across multiple domains. Research is limited, however, in several key areas related..."

Regular papers:

Eva Eriksson, Anne Linda Kok, Wolmet Barendregt, Camilla Gyldendahl Jensen, Elisabet M. Nilsson
Teaching for Values in Interaction Design: A Discussion About Assessment, pp. 221 - 233, abstract, download
"We experience an increased attention in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) field towards the social and environmental responsibilities of interaction designers. In line with this increased attention..."

Oguz Orkun Doma, Sinan Mert Sener
Dreamscape Bricks VR: An Experimental Virtual Reality Tool for Architectural Design, pp. 234 - 258, abstract, download
"In this paper, we propose a VR design tool framework called DREAMSCAPE, which adopts a direct manipulation approach focusing on embody, experience, and manipulation activities in design. The framework..."

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