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Autumn 2022


Focus section on:
Online Social Environments for Active Ageing

Ana Isabel Veloso, Carlos Santos, Sónia Ferreira, Liliana Vale Costa

p. 5 - 7, download

Carmen Llorente-Barroso, Olga Kolotouchkina, Luis Mañas-Viniegra, Mónica Viñarás-Abad
ICT-Mediated Learning as a Form of Socio-Emotional Support for Older Adults, pp. 8 - 33, abstract, download
"The adverse effects of the pandemic on the emotional state of older adults have fuelled the debate regarding their digital exclusion and the need to promote their genuine inclusion. During this period..."

Cláudia Pedro Ortet, Francisco Regalado, Sónia Ferreira, Liliana Vale Costa, Ana Isabel Veloso
Staying Connected with Aged Populations in Times of COVID-19: An Interview Study of the Role of Portuguese Institutions and Municipalities, pp. 34 - 53, abstract, download
"In times of social confinement frequently associated with COVID-19 pandemics, an increasing dependence of aged populations on digital media to maintain social interactions and participation in society..."

Santos Urbina, Gemma Tur, Irantzu Fernández
Active ageing with digital technology: seniors’ usages and attitudes, pp. 54 - 84, abstract, download
"In today’s society active ageing involves not only good physical and mental health but also quality of life and well-being, as well as social inclusion. Social participation requires digital technolog..."

Ines Dias, Elisio Costa, Oscar Mealha
Involving older adults in the design process: a human-centric Design Thinking approach, pp. 85 - 110, abstract, download
"A product’s acceptance depends on the experience that it provides to its users. To consider user’s contextualised specific needs an user-centred design process is recommended. Human-centric design con..."

Regular papers:

Heidi Elnimr
A Study of Architectural Barriers and the Potential Role of Assistive Technologies in Long-term Healthcare Centres for People with Alzheimer’s, pp. 111 - 133, abstract, download
"Alzheimer’s disease (AD) changes a person’s relationship with space. While research exists on how an interactive therapeutic environment can enhance the quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s dis..."

Nan-Ching Tai, Fabian Huber, Kuang-Ting Huang
Eyes on the Road: Wrist-worn Vibrotactile Navigation System for Cyclists, pp. 134 - 146, abstract, download
"Mobile navigation systems are getting more and more common, and with the rise of smartphones, nearly everyone has access to them via mobile phone apps. Despite the widespread use of mobile apps for na..."

Wasura D. Wattearachchi, K.P. Hewagamage, Enosha Hettiarachchi
Emotional Keyboard: To Provide Adaptive Functionalities Based on the Current User Emotion and the Context, pp. 147 - 174, abstract, download
"Improving the User Experience (UX) of mobile devices is of vital importance due to the advent of emerging technologies and the prevalence of using mobile devices. This research aims to develop a model..."

Diego Moreira da Rosa, Milene Selbach Silveira
May the Patterns Be with You: A Framework for HCI Patterns Development, pp. 175 - 208, abstract, download
"By the end of the nineties, the concept of design patterns became a hot topic among the human-computer interaction community and many workshops have been held on the subject within international HCI c..."

Alaa Nousir, Renee Xinyu Chen, Anne Liu, Meara Donovan, Eliza Wallace, Lee Jones, Sara Nabil
COVIDware: Designing Interactive Everyday Things as Tangible Homeware for Social Isolation, pp. 209 - 240, abstract, download
"This paper describes our collaborative journey of creating everyday interactive artefacts to help us think, reflect, and live through self-isolation. Through a co-design approach, we designed interact..."

Teemu Korpilahti, Masood Masoodian
Guidelines for the Visual Design of Mobile Application Icons. An Experiential Case Study, pp. 241 - 276, abstract, download
"The design of the icon of a mobile application can have a major impact on its success, by attracting users’ attention and perhaps persuading them to install it on their devices. In the case of the con..."

Hassan Bello, Nor Athiyah Abdullah
User Satisfaction with Computer-Based Test (CBT): The Mediating Role of CBT Centre Service Satisfaction, pp. 277 - 298, abstract, download
"User satisfaction with most goods and services in the information system (IS) has been well studied. However, there appears to be little research on examinees’ satisfaction with facilities and service..."

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