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Spring 2023


Special Issue on:
Hybrid Games and Interaction Design

Ana Patrícia Oliveira, Nelson Zagalo, Micael Sousa, Fotis Liarokapis

p. 5 - 7, download

Kolja Bopp, Ralf Hebecker
Live Learning Games: Insights from the application of a collaborative hybrid game environment for staff training, pp. 8 - 28, abstract, download
"The Live Learning Game was designed as a ludic learning environment in the GamesLab at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and prototyped for use in safety training. The system combines physical an..."

Stéphanie Jean-Daubias
JADE: a board game to teach software ergonomics, pp. 29 - 52, abstract, download
"JADE is an educational game we have imagined, designed, built, and used successfully in various contexts. This board game enables learning and practicing software ergonomics concepts. It is intended f..."

Richard E. Ferdig, Enrico Gandolfi, Chris Lenart, Robert Clements
Building an augmented reality system for consumption and production of hybrid gaming and storytelling, pp. 53 - 68, abstract, download
"This article provides an overview of how augmented reality (AR) can support gaming and ludic experiences. More importantly, it describes the development and open access availability of an augmented an..."

Marta Fernández-Ruiz, David Ruiz-Torres, Héctor Puente Bienvenido
Environmental Visualization and Exploration in Mobile Augmented Reality Games: Redefining the Spatial Affordances, pp. 69 - 88, abstract, download
"While spatiality in desktop and console interface video games has been widely studied, not many approaches have been made in the context of mobile augmented reality (MAR), an environment from which po..."

André Sousa, Eduardo Magalhães, João Jacob
Inducing Flow In Board Games Through Augmented Audio, pp. 89 - 114, abstract, download
"Games provide high levels of enjoyment and fun through closed systems with concrete objectives. These characteristics enhance a state of concentration known as flow. Many modern board games provide go..."

Derya Karadag
Gamification of design studio in the context of a user-centered design workshop, pp. 115 - 129, abstract, download
"In project studios and workshops, students from many design disciplines, such as architectural, interior, and industrial design, apply theory and practice. Design research, conceptualization, developm..."

Regular papers:

Mark Scholten, Saskia M. Kelders
Similarity in action with an Embodied Conversational Agent; can synchronous speech yield higher levels of rapport? An exploratory eHealth study, pp. 130 - 155, abstract, download
"Self-guided eHealth has the benefit of providing autonomy to patients. However, the autonomy comes with a cost; elevated attrition rates. Embodied Conversational Agents (‘robots on screen’), have tech..."

Roberto Cibin, Tiziano Bonini, Maurizio Teli
Participatory Design and Critical Media Studies: a Convivial Conversation, pp. 156 - 173, abstract, download
"In the age of platform society, Critical Media Studies are faced with the challenge of developing not only theoretical proposals capable of critically addressing the power exerted on society by GAFAM-..."

Andrés Solano, Juan Sebastian Sinisterra, Juan Sebastian Parra, David Castro, Carlos Peláez
Usability Heuristics for Applications in the Context of Resilient Cities, pp. 174 - 200, abstract, download
"This research establishes a set of usability heuristics for designers and developers of interactive software systems that are used in the context of resilient cities, and thus contributes to the speci..."

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