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Spring 2024


Inaugurating the 20th year of IxD&A journal.
Carlo Giovannella
pp. 5 - 6, download

Stimulated paper:

Mihai Dascalu, Melania Nitu
Natural Language Processing Tools for Romanian – Going Beyond a Low-Resource Language.
pp. 7 - 26, abstract, download
"Advances in Natural Language Processing bring innovative instruments to the educational field to improve the quality of the didactic process by addressing challenges like language barriers and creatin..."

Special Issue on:
Smart Learning Ecosystems as engines of the twin transitions.

Mihai Dascalu, Oscar Mealha, Sirje Virkus

p. 27 - 31, download

Pradipta Banerjee, Sobah Abbas Petersen
Key elements, processes and research gaps in city learning as an innovation ecosystem: A scoping review., pp. 32 - 58, abstract, download
"Learning in cities with the support of Information and Communication Technologies has been a point of interest for researchers. The main objective of this study is to understand city learning, or lear..."

Carlo Giovannella, Maria Rosaria Autiero
The school as a place learning ecosystem – Participatory evaluation of the boundary conditions: the case of the IIS Amaldi., pp. 59 - 84, abstract, download
" The community pact is a tool potentially capable of fostering the development of place learning ecosystems and communities with a variable territorial size (from an urban district to a city or a reg..."

Oihane Unciti, Antoni Martinez Ballesté, Ramon Palau
Real-Time Emotion Recognition and its Effects in a Learning Environment., pp. 85 - 102, abstract, download
"The purpose of the article is to understand the current state of both the technology and the implementation of emotion recognition in the educational environment. The goal is to obtain detailed inform..."

José Quiles-Rodríguez, Josep M. Mateo-Sanz, Ramon Palau
How does Coloured Lighting Influence the Affective Processes of Pupils?, pp. 103 - 121, abstract, download
"Nowadays, the progressive incorporation of technological elements in classrooms adds new possibilities to be explored in the field of colour and environment. In this sense, LED lighting as a source of..."

Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga, María Libertad Aguilar Carlos, Gabriela Citlalli López Torres, José Eder Guzmán Mendoza
Co-design a Digital Learning Ecosystem for Children with Disabilities: An Agile Model., pp. 122 - 146, abstract, download
"Traditional intervention models for children’s rehabilitation services do not fully integrate technology and partakers such as parents, therapists, and managers. Due to children’s particular needs and..."

Melania Nitu, Mihai Dascalu, Maria Dorinela Dascalu, Laurentiu-Marian Neagu, Maria-Iuliana Dascalu
Lib2Life – Digital Library Services Empowered with Advanced Natural Language Processing Techniques., pp. 147 - 167, abstract, download
"Educational institutions are struggling to keep up with the accelerated technological advancements; hence, sustainable and supportive tools have become essential to reshape traditional models into int..."

Neil Potnis, Lola Ben-Alon
Earthen Builder Simulation: Representing Natural Materials and Embodied Carbon With Computational., pp. 168 - 193, abstract, download
"Natural building materials are critical to the future of a decarbonized built environment. Involving low-carbon and readily available materials such as clay-richsoils and plant ?bers in building proce..."

Tamas Kersanszki, Zoltán Márton, Kristóf Fenyvesi, Zsolt Lavicza, Ildikó Holik
Minecraft in STEAM education – applying game-based learning to renewable energy., pp. 194 - 213, abstract, download
"One of the essential tasks of teaching STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) is to motivate and engage students. This can be achieved through new interactive, experienti..."

Regular papers:

Carlos Alberto Peláez Ayala, Andrés Solano
A practice for specifying user stories in multimedia system design: An approach to reduce ambiguity., pp. 214 - 236, abstract, download
"Various agile approaches have guided the development of solutions based on a minimum viable product for the use of user stories (USs). These approaches provide a generic process for specifying USs for..."

Massimo Bianchini, Stefano Maffei, Carla Sedini
Exploring Circularity Toolkits for SMEs Learning Ecosystems., pp. 237 - 260, abstract, download
"This research explores the role of Circular Design and education in facilitating the transition to a Circular Economy for SMEs and start-ups. Despite accessible resources in Circular Design, the exten..."

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