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Spring 2021


Special Issue on:
Augmenting Space: The role of immersive technologies in future cities

Callum Parker, Soojeong Yoo, Waldemar Jenek, Youngho Lee

p. 5 - 7, download

Martin Tomitsch, Alexander Wiethoff, Marius Hoggenmueller, Beat Rossmy, Linda Hirsch, Luke Hespanhol
A Media Architecture Approach for Designing the Next Generation of Urban Interfaces, pp. 9 - 32, abstract, download
"The augmentation of the built and urban environment with digital media has evolved and matured over recent years. Cities are seeing a rapid rise of various technologies; a trend also accelerated by gl..."

Salvatore Andolina, Yi-Ta Hsieh, Denis Kalkofen, Antti Nurminen, Diogo Cabral, Anna Spagnolli, Luciano Gamberini, Ann Morrison, Dieter Schmalstieg, Giulio Jacucci
Designing for Mixed Reality Urban Exploration, pp. 33 - 49, abstract, download
"This paper introduces a design framework for mixed reality urban exploration (MRUE), based on a concrete implementation in a historical city. The framework integrates different modalities, such as vir..."

Faruk Can Ünal, Yüksel Demir
Augmented reality supported model for the use of local data in architectural design, pp. 50 - 74, abstract, download
"This study presents a model that aims to enable better understanding of local site-specific data in the context of architectural design using augmented reality. It is developed by considering the nece..."

Michael Hunter, Alessandro Soro, Ross Brown
Enhancing Urban Conversation for Smarter Cities – Augmented Reality as an enabler of digital civic participation, pp. 75 - 99, abstract, download
"This paper presents a perspective on the role immersive technologies can play in the future of urban transformation. Specifically, this paper looks to answer the following questions – How can Augmente..."

Brydon Wang
The Seductive Smart City and the Benevolent Role of Transparency, pp. 100 - 121, abstract, download
"Digital Twins and automated decision-making systems operate on real-time sensor data extracted from the built environment to seamlessly produce insights and decisions to predict and influence behaviou..."

Seungyoub Ssin, Hochul Cho, Woontack Woo
GeoACT: Augmented Control Tower using Virtual and Real Geospatial Data, pp. 122 - 142, abstract, download
"Despite prior efforts to solve urban problems and build smart cities using large-scale urban information, researchers have yet to develop tools for city administrators to easily access a diverse mix o..."

Kavita Gonsalves, Marcus Foth, Glenda Amayo Caldwell
Radical Placemaking: Utilizing Low-Tech AR/VR to engage in Communal Placemaking during a Pandemic, pp. 143 - 164, abstract, download
"The COVID-19 pandemic has made the struggles of the excluded louder and has also left them socially isolated. The article documents the implementation of one instance of Radical Placemaking, an “intan..."

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