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Autumn 2023


Stimulated paper:

Ana Bilandzic, Marcus Foth, Greg Hearn
Skunkworks: The design of casual creative environments for social innovation
pp. 5 - 31, abstract, download
"Casual Creative Environments (CCEs), such as coworking spaces, enable new work practices and workspace sharing across different urban places, aiming to foster innovation and new collaborations. Howeve..."

Special Issue on:
Design Education for Hybrid Environments: Pedagogies, frameworks, and tools for crafting next-generation physical-digital spaces

Daniel Rosenberg Munoz, Dina El Zanfaly, Peter Scupelli, Daragh Byrne

p. 33 - 38, download

Giacomo Nalli, Georgios Dafoulas, Ariadni Tsiakara, Bahareh Langari, Kajal Mistry, Farzad Tahmasebi Aria
Hybrid Educational Environments – Using IoT to detect emotion changes during student interactions, pp. 39 - 52, abstract, download
"The use of hybrid educational environments, especially after COVID-19 pandemic, has intensified leading to new pedagogic challenges as the integration of biometric sensors into learning processes. Ins..."

Gökçe Elif Baykal, Olof Torgersson, Peter Ruijten-Dodoiu, Eva Eriksson
Teaching Design of Technologies for Collaborative Interaction in Physical-Digital Environments, pp. 53 - 71, abstract, download
"There is an increasing awareness of the importance of considering and mediating human collaboration in the design of technology. There are several research approaches focused on this, such as e.g., co..."

Muhammad Usman, Aman Usmani, Mojgan Jadidi
Re-envisioning Field Surveying as an Immersive Gamification Experience, pp. 72 - 89, abstract, download
"Recent strides in immersive technologies, coupled with advancements in game development, are reshaping engineering education, and revolutionizing the design and deliv- ery of both in-class and lab act..."

Anders Kluge, Marlene Hasle
Use of Augmented Reality to Integrate Knowledge, pp. 90 - 109, abstract, download
"Augmented reality (AR) has been shown to have a positive effect on motivation and learning. Yet, reviews of such findings continue show that AR research is being conducted within a narrow scope of lea..."

Brendon Clark, Ylva Fernaeus
Playing with the elasticity of hybrid design education, pp. 110 - 131, abstract, download
"This article explores the shift in design education from traditional, hands-on practices to digitally-based approaches, particularly accelerated by the sudden and temporary remote teaching mandates th..."

Dimitrios Papanikolaou
Connective Environments: Towards Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Models for Design of Networked, Interactive, Participatory Systems, pp. 132 - 156, abstract, download
"The integration of digital media into the curricula of design and architecture schools raises important pedagogical questions as to what kind of technical skills and what kind of critical thinking sho..."

Regular papers:

Ilhan Aslan, Dominik Neu, Daniela Neupert, Stefan Grafberger, Nico Weise, Pascal Pfeil, Maximilian Kuschewski
How to Compliment a Human – Designing Affective and Well-being Promoting Conversational Things, pp. 157 - 184, abstract, download
"With today’s technologies it seems easier than ever to augment everyday things with the ability to perceive their environment and to talk to users. Considering conversational user interfaces, tremendo..."

Alessandro Pollini, Marinella Paciello, Giorgia Saleri, Giuseppe Corbelli
Interaction Design and Experiment with Conversational Storytelling for Road Safety Culture, pp. 185 - 206, abstract, download
"Road safety culture among young people necessarily needs to be addressed with a multidisciplinary approach, since they are more reluctant than adults to engage and be openly evaluated in safety resear..."

Vanessa Cesário, Mariana Ribeiro, António Coelho
Design Recommendations for Improving Immersion in Role-Playing Video Games. A Focus on Storytelling and Localisation, pp. 207 - 225, abstract, download
"This article investigates the role of storytelling in video game localisation and its impact on players’ immersion and overall gaming experience. While these topics have been extensively studied and d..."

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