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Winter 2023


Stimulated paper:

Gerhard Fischer
A Research Framework Focused on AI and Humans instead of AI versus Humans
pp. 17 - 36, abstract, download
"Despite lacking a shared understanding and a generally accepted definition, Artificial intelligence (AI) is promoted and credited with miraculous abilities to solve all problems. To gain a more nuance..."

Special Issue on:
AI for Humans and Humans for AI: Towards Cultures of Participation in the Digital Age

Alessandro Pagano, Anders Mørch, Vita Santa Barletta, Renate Andersen

p. 5 - 16, download

Ingeborg Krange, Meerita Segaran, Siv Gamlem, Synnøve Moltudal, Irina Engeness
A Triple Challenge: Students’ Identification, Interpretation, and Use of Individualized Automated Feedback in Learning to Write English as a Foreign Language, pp. 37 - 61, abstract, download
"The aim of this study was to investigate eighth-grade students’ assessment literacy and writing skills in English as a foreign language using an AI-based automated essay assessment tool (EAT). Data we..."

Johan Lundin, Marie Utterberg Modén, Tiina Leino Lindell, Gerhard Fischer
A Remedy to the Unfair Use of AI in Educational Settings, pp. 62 - 78, abstract, download
"This paper addresses concerns related to the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on human values, with a particular focus on fair outcomes. Existing design frameworks a..."

Vanessa de Cássia Alves, Franco Eusébio Garcia, Conrado Saud, Augusto Mendes, Helena Medeiros Caseli, Vivian Genaro Motti, Luciano de Oliveira Neris, Tais Bleicher, Vânia P. Almeida Neris
College students-in-the-loop for their mental health: a case of AI and humans working together to support well-being, pp. 79 - 94, abstract, download
"Technology plays a relevant role in mental health. Specifically, integrating pervasive technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) holds promising potential to collect users’ data, monitor individu..."

M. Uğur Kahraman, Yaren Şekerci, Müge Develier
Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Interior Design Education: A Case Study on Creating Office Spaces for “Avrupa Yakası” TV Series Characters, pp. 95 - 116, abstract, download
"The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into interior design education is a growing trend. This study presents a warm-up assignment where students used AI design tools to develop a concept of ..."

Regular papers:

Abdullah Tarik Celik, Gülay Hasdoğan
Future Mobility Scenarios with Design Fiction: Autonomous Vehicles as Social Agents, pp. 117 - 140, abstract, download
"This article aims to envisage a future world with Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) from a speculative perspective and uses design fiction as a method. Even though there are future studies about how AVs are g..."

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